• Jack Dorsey
    Jack Dorsey
    Co-Founder and CEO

    Originally from St. Louis, Jack’s fascination with urban transit led him to Manhattan, where he programmed real-time messaging systems for couriers, taxis, and emergency vehicles. Through his work, Jack witnessed thousands of drivers in the field constantly updating their location and activity, inspiring him to create Twitter. Twitter is a simplified and personalized real-time information network that connects millions of people with the stories, ideas, and news they care about every day. Jack’s dedication to simplifying the complex and making technology accessible to everyone everywhere continued with the founding of Square in 2009. Square enables anyone to accept credit cards and run their business on their smartphone or tablet; removing the friction from transactions and making commerce easy for everyone.


    9:40 AM Tuesday 11/5/2013

    Of course the latest apps and websites have cutting edge UI. It’s now age-old infrastructure and the traditional systems that are getting redesigned, sometimes to stunning effect.