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    Dan Kaufman
    Director of the Information Innovation Office

    Dan Kaufman is the Director of the Information Innovation Office. In this position he is responsible for identifying and creating promising new information technologies and developing DARPA programs to exploit these advances for the benefit of the DoD. Dan staffs the Office and works with I2O program managers to develop concepts and plans for new programs and to transition I2O research and development products to end users. Before being named Director of I2O, Dan served as the DARPA Defense Science Office (DSO) Program Manager for the RealWorld Program, a computer system designed to allow soldiers to rapidly create their own mission rehearsal scenarios in geo-specific terrain over a scalable and fully distributed network.


    Security: Heartbleed, Target.

    Security: Heartbleed, Target. These names strike fear in the hearst of CIOs and consumers alike. In a world where you can't control your infrastructure, you may not control the network, and your endpoints number in the billions, how do you rethink security? More…